Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010 - 10:17 PM - Clovis, CA, USA, Earth...etc.

I sometimes feel perpetually behind...or at least that I am always forgetting something important. Of course, then I just look at Victoria and all my fears and insecurities vanish. Am I blind or do I believe myself suppose not. But somehow she reminds me that my strength comes from God and in Him I need not fear. For as He loves and provides for the birds of the air, so he will provide for me and mine.

How can those that oppose us (Victoria and I) still believe that God does not have a hand even in this? Things continue to fall into place. The way is not by any means free from the occasional pothole or stone in the road, but no life is. God is faithful even to those that stray for a time. "For a time, he says," some would argue. "You have strayed and continue to stray even now." I cannot agree.

It seems my current job is bent on forcing me to work on Sunday, while I have always held that Sunday is a day of rest and should be kept. Yet, my compassion and responsibility for my co-workers is strong. Now that I have learned that time sheets for the previous time period need to be completed by Sunday night and not Monday afternoon as was previously mentioned....I fear for the first time I have made a mistake that may adversely affect my co-workers. make mistakes is human, we learn from them and attempt not to repeat them.

Enough for now.....

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