Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sexual Insecurity

(Young followers beware, may not be appropriate for younger audience).

Scared to death of becoming a bore sexually. I have never thought myself the dynamo in the bedroom as it is. However, someone always seems to tell me I'm fine. Of course I've always had a lack of confidence in myself...why? Well, I have always blamed my grandmother for her constant negativity. Perhaps she would call it realism...but what would you think if you said to someone for example..."I want to perform on the stage and sing for the world," and this person said, "Oh, you won't make any money. Artists never make any money." I call that negativity. It may become realism, but why stifle dreams? Moving on...

Why is it so awkward to talk about the act of sex? Why can't we openly say, "I really like it when you..." or "I wish you would..(insert action here). Or perhaps its only me that feels I can't say these things without hurting the other person. So, what do I want....?

I would like to be surprised. I would like to be sitting on the bed watching a movie and suddenly be interrupted by a long romantic kiss. I would like to be jumped on rather than be the one doing the jumping. Now it sounds like I'm complaining.......

Think I'll quit for now.

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